Evolène Stone

Evolène stone

Green in colour and rich in calcite veins, Vert d’Evolène is a metamorphic rock of volcanic origin. It is formed from minerals with low hardness, such as talc, carbonate, serpentine and chlorite. Craftsmen and artists have appreciated it since the Stone Age due to its softness coupled with resilience and resistance to fire and frost. This is explained by the special conditions required for its formation.

A small-scale quarry, the Martémo quarry has been put to productive commercial use since 1961. CAPINAT acquired the exploitation rights in 2007.

Evolène stone is recognised as being one of the most beautiful ornamental stones in Wallis. In the local dialect, it is called “Pîrra teindra”, which means soft stone. It is in fact easy to work with tools usually used in woodwork: saws, knives, lathes. (Less than 1% in the Alps).

Our finishings

Evolène Stone waterjet

Evolène Stone brushed

Evolène Stone polished

Evolène Stone carezza

Evolène Stone counter polished

Evolène Stone counter sandblasted

Evolène Stone counter treebark

Evolène Stone counter softened

Most popular uses Evolène stone

  • Cladding for external walls of buildings
  • Coverings for interior and exterior floorings
  • Creating fountains, tables, benches
  • Creating kitchen worktops, chimneys
  • Creating works of art and products
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